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Power & Electrical


Grid management and equipment monitoring require precise and reliable information of different grid variables. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of high-quality instruments to acquire all variables of the electrical grid. Our position sensors reliably acquire mechanical positions, angles and inclinations. Supplemented by temperature transmitters and isolating amplifiers, our device portfolio is used throughout the entire measuring chain.
• Programmable power instruments with process visualising
• Unifunctional as well as multifunctional transducers for all electrical variables
• Energy meters
• Extensive process instrumentation for low-voltage signals
• Position sensors to acquire precise angle positions and inclinations


Modern power electronics and non-linear consumers increasingly impair the electrical grid which is the reason why alternating current has not shown the original sinusoidal characteristic already for a long time. This bears heavily on electrical devices and machines and extends to higher thermal losses, increased energy consumption through to the disturbance and downtime of plants. Our solutions ensure that problems are recognized early, even before they occur.
Relevant characteristics
  • Recording of power quality events to secure supply quality
  • Power quality instruments Class A according to IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3 and IEC 62586-1 Ed. 2
  • Independent certification according to IEC 62586-2 Ed. 2 by an accredited institute
  • Power quality data by PQDIF format according to IEEE 1159.3 available
  • Supports conformity reports concerning the voltage quality standard (eg according to EN 50160, etc.)
  • Stationary and portable devices available


We offer the unique possibility of not only acquiring all variables of the electrical grid precisely and reliably, but also processing them directly via a PLC integrated into the device and controlling processes. This enables us to realise process controls directly at the measuring point. You thus save a separate PLC or you realise an autarkicly working redundant solution.


We design modular customer-specific solutions and systems which can be extended at any time regardless of manufacturer. Through our non-proprietary interfaces is also an integration in already existing applications and systems with components from different manufacturers no problem.
  • Use of targeted software solutions
  • Central recording and structuring of measured data of the most varied instruments
  • Preparation of cost center-related energy reports
  • Extensive visualization of measured values ​​and grid events
  • Individual process visualizing
  • Conducting measurement campaigns
  • Analysis of power quality data and fault finding